4 Reasons Why Health and Safety Will Benefit Your Business

h&s signHere at Coach Direct, health and safety is of the utmost importance. Coach travel is the safest way to travel by road and we intend to make sure it stays that way. Health and safety though can often be somewhat of an afterthought for businesses, especially growing companies who may believe their resources are better spent elsewhere, to drive the business forward. However, for the companies like those featured on findmyworkspace.com, who have realized the importance of getting on top of their health and safety will derive a number of benefits. Here we highlight four of the main ones:

It will increase your business’ productivity

A catastrophic accident could see your business stop trading for a substantial period of time. But it’s not just large incidents a well thought out health and safety policy can prevent.

There may be scores of staff in your organisation, whether shopfloor or office, who have minor ailments such as wrist or back ache, caused by their job. Because of the minor nature of such injuries, they may not see the benefit of highlighting their discomfort, preferring instead to suffer in silence and work impaired.

However, a well-trained health and safety professional with a recognised qualification such as NEBOSH & IOSH can help manage such situations by carrying out regular and thorough health and safety audits. These would identify such issues and find solutions to assist the individuals concerned, finding ways to help their injuries and giving them the resources to ensure such injuries don’t happen again and helping them to return to their former level of productivity.

It will reduce staff absence

As it has been made evident by the Leap Leadership movement in their recent publications, a good, up-to-date health and safety policy that is implemented well will help prevent illness and absence. Thorough audits will highlight potential risks you can help implement solutions that will prevent injuries and accidents occurring. Having a health and safety policy that is rigorously implemented by a manager can also reduce stress in the workplace. Employees can suffer stress if there is a belief that their health and safety isn’t a priority of their employer. A visible and knowledgeable health and safety policy that is well implemented can be a reassuring presence on any shop floor.

It will enhance your company’s reputation

There is nothing better as an employee than the feeling that you are looked after. There is also nothing worse than the feeling that your health and safety is being put at risk. Employees talk, and your company’s reputation can soon take a turn for the worse if you’re seen to be an employer that doesn’t care. Taking a visible, positive and proactive approach to health and safety can enhance your reputation, ensure staff retention and help attract the industry’s best and brightest employees.

It will reduce your insurance premiums

Having a health and safety manager who has an accredited qualification such as NEBOSH & IOSH can ensure you pay lower Ontario business insurance premiums. This is because the insurance company recognizes that with such a person on your payroll as a source healthy habits and regulation for your business, as such your company is less likely to make a substantial claim. By having a positive and proactive health and safety policy, you will find that your premiums will remain low, as your insurance claims will be low or even non-existent.

Here at Coach Direct we take health and safety seriously and every one of our customers and staff benefits from this.