5 Bad Business Habits To Stop In 2017

 Want to make 2017 your most successful year yet in business? Check out our 5 bad business habits to stop in 2017. If you’re guilty of any of these, then stopping them could really help you business blast off in 2017.

Stop Eating Sugar For Breakfast


For years we were told that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. For many people it still is but now we’re looking at breakfast a little bit differently and it seems we have been doing it wrong for years. If you’re one of those people who love to have breakfast cereal in a morning and then finding yourself sluggish and tired mid-morning, it’s no wonder! Breakfast cereals, even if you don’t add sugar are full of sugar which means that your body crashes a little while later. Instead of breakfast cereals look at eating long lasting carbs such as porridge, have a more protein based breakfast such as eggs and bacon or if you really don’t feel hungry in the morning skip it altogether and eat when you are actually hungry.


Stop Watching TV In The Morning


How you are in the morning can really affect how you are for the rest of the day. If you find yourself sitting down in the morning and watching TV, then you may not be giving yourself the best chance of being as productive as you can be. TV has a tendency to suck the energy out of people, demanding their full attention. Try instead listening to the radio or music in the morning. This could be classical music, your favorite rock bands or Radio 4’s today program. You’ll find yourself a lot more focussed and able to take on the new day and what it has in store for you.


Stop Lazing About In Bed


There’s no better way to getting your day off to a bad start then lazing in bed pressing the snooze button. Putting you behind for the rest of the day, it can seriously damage your productivity and work output. Try getting up one hour earlier and see the difference. Having that time in the morning to set yourself up for the day is crucial if you are wanting to to get the most our of your work day.


Stop Constantly Checking Your Phone


How often do you check your phone every day? A few times? 10? If that’s what you think then you are probably grossly underestimating how many times you actually do it. Most people check their phones hundreds of times a day, resulting in  a huge amount of distraction as well as vital time being lost every day. Instead try and only check your phone every hour. There’s almost certainly nothing you have to deal with by email instantly. This small little step will help you focus more and  be more productive.


Stop Always Being ‘On’


As good as it is to work hard and always try to be as productive as you can be, it’s easy to let this slip into you overworking. If you find yourself working for hours at home after work and answering emails in the early hours you seriously need to sort this out. Have clear distinctions between home and work life and have a time (say 7pm or 8pm) where your phone goes off and your laptop closes. It will make you much more productive and focused overall.