5 Common Sense Business Tips to Boost Your Business Productivity

desk-1220052_1920There are thousands of business tips all offering the same old business tips time and time again. They offer lots of ‘productivity hacks’ which are often ill thought out and often plain ludicrous. We prefer a more back to basic approach and it’s often the more obvious and common sense tips that are the most effective. We’ve listed five of them below:

Take time to think about your fears as well as your goals

So many business self help gurus talk about writing down your goals and focusing on them. There’s nothing wrong with this of course but it is only half the battle. Because however much we focus on our goals, there are always fears there holding us back. Writing down our fears as well and trying to engage with them is crucial in eventually reaching our goals.

Don’t be afraid to be wrong

We’ve been conditioned to believe that being wrong is a bad thing. However, it really isn’t and it is a vital  and natural learning tool. The only time failure is really bad is when you learn absolutely nothing from it. Learning to accept failure and not be afraid of it and can actually lead you to failing less because you are more bold, courageous and open to all possibilities.

Don’t forget to delegate

It’s easy if you’re good at your job to forget to delegate some of your tasks and take on too much. In the long run it is bad for your business and your career because just like a house of cards, it will all come crashing down. Delegation is key to running a modern, successful business and it also keeps the staff around you engaged and motivated being entrusted with more responsibility.

Get up early

It sounds obvious and it might be easier said than done but if you could just get up that little bit earlier then it could significantly improve your business and life in general. Think of the benefits, work with fewer distractions from family and colleagues. You have time to exercise before appointments get in the way. Also, you just generally feel ahead of the game compared to when you are always on the last minute.

Remember that time is not money

There was a recent post on Linkedin by a so-called business guru who took a photograph of the plane he was on mocking those 80% of business people who had chosen to watch a movie rather than ‘use the time to improve their business processes and take the chance to self develop’. He was of course completely wrong. Time away from your business, your phone and emails is valuable and should be enjoyed. Time is your most valuable asset and whilst you can always make more money, you simply cannot make more time.