5 Traits All Good Leaders Should Have

leadershipHere at Coach Direct we work with businesses and organisations large and small across the UK. Whatever sector they operate, one of the key things that they all share is great leadership. In view of this, we thought we would explore some of the key trait that all good leaders should have.

People skills

To be an effective manager, you need to have excellent people skills. Effective leaders need to be able to communicate their ideas effectively and manage a wide range of people with a host of different motivations and skills to get the task at hand completed. People skills are a great ability to have in your own life too, as it can help you navigate through life much easier and create a more pleasant environment for yourself and those around you.

Great leaders are game changers

The difference between a manager and a leader comes down to one word. Innovation. Good management runs the system, leadership changes the system. It’s not necessarily about being a rebel and changing things for change’s sake, but continually asking ‘why do we do things this way?’ and ‘how can we do it better?’ This ensures you are driving your business forward and not just coasting along.

Great leaders don’t hear, they listen

Listening is perhaps the most underestimated traits of being a great leader. Leaders don’t just hear what people are saying they listen, understand, sympathise and extract the crux of the issue being communicated to them. They naturally read a person’s body language, are attentive to their tone and perhaps most importantly are patient and don’t talk over people. Great leaders put people at their ease, make people feel respected and this helps to inspire confidence.

Discipline is key

Discipline is vital for success in anything in life and great leaders need to have buckets of it. The ability to never quit until goals have been met, to go over and above to achieve and refuse to sit back and make excuses is a crucial skill to manage and grow any business. More importantly, as all leaders should lead by example, then this discipline should filter down throughout your organisation.

Great leaders can delegate

You may be the best you can possibly be at everything you do, but if you cannot delegate, then you are ultimately limiting your effectiveness as a leader, and hampering your business’ ability to grow. The ability to bring in others to do things, even if they do it in a different way to yourself can leave you more time to get on with other things as well as being a sign to staff that you have the utmost faith in them.


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