5 Ways to Make Your Next Business Trip Hassle-Free

smart business travelHere at Coach Direct, we are one of the UK’s premier UK travel providers. From luxury coach travel to high class corporate entertainment events to luxury chauffeur driven car hire, we work with businesses across the UK and beyond. What does this mean? As well as being the number one choice for your business travel requirements, it means that there’s not a lot we don’t know about business travel. Therefore, however you decide to travel, here are our 5 top tips to make your business travel smarter…

Ensure you are connected

Business trips can be stressful at the best of times so you don’t need the added inconvenience of not being able to access your company network. Having access to this is vital on a business trip whether it is by laptop, phone or tablet. Imagine the embarrassment if you were just about to give a presentation and you couldn’t access it. It could wreck your entire deal. Whether you are making use of the cloud, company servers or a VPN (virtual private network), ensure that your tech guys have everything in place to make sure that you can access what you need to 24/7.

Use Expensify

Recording all of your business expenses can be a real bind on a business trip. Keeping track of everything you eat, drink and use in the course of your business trip can leave you with a pocket full of receipts. Instead, download Expensify onto your phone. It’s one of the handiest apps for any business person. All you do , once you get a receipt is take a photo of your receipt and the app cleverly extracts all the relevant information and puits in automatically into your expense report. It’s so very useful, every business traveller should use it.

Charge everything before you go

Yes it’s common sense but you can always see people in airport departure lounges looking in horror at their phone as it runs out of charge. Charge up all your devices before you go and also don’t forget to bring a back up all purpose USB charger just in case. You’ll be glad you did if you lose your chargers.

Consider hotel alternatives

You might be on a business trip but that doesn’t mean you automatically have to stay in a corporate hotel. Consider sites that privately rent rooms such as AirBnB as these can be much cheaper than hotels. Another option is OneFineStay.com. It’s like an upmarket version of AirBnB and is focussed on those people travelling for business.

Stop folding and start rolling

Are you still folding all of your clothes when packing? Next time try rolling. OK, you might need to still fold your shirts but for everything else, rolling is much, much better. Not only does it take up less space, but it also reduces the need to iron all your clothes when you reach your destination. Once you start rolling, you’ll probably never go back to folding again!