7 Ways to Stave Off Boredom Whilst Travelling On Business

  Travelling on business can be a lonely pursuit, not just the travelling itself, but after training or conferences finish around 5 o’clock often people retreat back to their hotel room for an evening alone. Longer stays might result in rest days, which can leave some people at a loose end. Here, we have come up with a few suggestions – 7 ways to stave off boredom whilst travelling on business:


If you are feeling totally in the zone work wise, then it is an ideal time to read motivational books, self help books and work related texts. However, an alternative to this is that it could be the ideal opportunity for escapism. Being away from home commitments present a perfect opportunity to really get lost in a novel, a real treat for book worms.

Audio Books

Audiobooks are a great way to relax, you just lie back and listen. This is ideal for anyone with tired eyes or who has been doing close work all day, what more could you want than resting with closed eyes as you become immersed in being read a good book.

Go Sightseeing

Depending on the place you are staying and the time of year, you might want to get out and about in the evening, or on a rest day, and see what the location has to offer. This could be anything from taking to the streets of New York, to walking along the River Thames. Even rural locations offer much beauty and interest. Also, if photography is your thing, this is a perfect accompaniment to sightseeing.

Meet New People

While we are not advising that you sit drinking in the hotel bar all night, going down for one drink, or even a coffee, can give you the opportunity to talk to people, be them anything to do with your business trip or not. Aside from going to a bar, you could suss out local meetup groups beforehand, arrange to meet someone for dinner, or arrange to meet an online contact (safely of course). Going on a business trip is the ideal opportunity to meet new people.


For those spiritually inclined, Yoga is the perfect way to unwind and relax. Maybe you don’t have as much time as you would like to dedicate to your Yoga practice at home, well take advantage of this evening alone in your room. If you have the free time, you could even book yourself in for a class.


If Yoga isn’t your thing, perhaps hitting the hotel gym or swimming pool is. Many people feel empowered as well as relaxed after a workout, so it could be the perfect way to blow off steam after a busy day.


Lastly, there is always the option of working. The majority of hotels will have wi-fi if you need it, and if not, you will be able to plug your laptop in and get on with whatever you need to. Not everyone feels the need to do something else, and so if this is you, working will definitely stave off the boredom on your business trip.