Guilty Pleasures as a Business Traveller

travel safetyThe hotel chain, Best Western Great Britain, have recently commissioned a survey of more than 1,000 business travellers. The results of which may surprise you. While the thought of business travel can be something that fills people with dread it turns out that around 25% of professional business travellers actually look forward to business travel and find that it helps them relax, enjoy their surroundings and have a break from the routine of life.

When asked about their guilty pleasures as a business traveller the top results were as follows:

Not having to cook

Slaving over a hot stove at the end of a long day at work isn’t always enjoyable. Business travellers love the benefit of having a meal cooked for them and not having to clean up is just another bonus.

Having a bed to themselves

Being able to starfish in the bed is something else that business travellers really enjoy. Having nobody to share the bed with can be quite enjoyable, especially if your partner is a duvet hogger or snores! If you have young children who enjoy sharing your bed then the extra space, and lack of elbows in your back, might be appreciated more than anything else about being away from home.

Being able to enjoy some time alone

Modern life can be hectic. Between spending time with friends and family, working closely with colleagues and commuting to work it often feels like we are never truly alone. Business travellers say they enjoy the peace and quiet of being alone in their hotel room at the end of a long day.

More than one third of all people who took part in the survey enjoyed having access to facilities such as the gym, golf course or swimming pool. Business travellers found that these facilities allowed them to have a break from life, collect their thoughts and relax more. These days travellers are looking for more than just a desk to work from or a place to lay their head after a day of conferences or business meetings.

When it came to pricing hotel stays business travellers were more interested in the facilities provided, including wi-fi, than they were concerned about the price of their hotel stay. With modern technology advancing daily, and life moving at a faster pace, having access to wi-fi has become more important when ever – particularly for keeping in touch while away from home. To celebrate this result Best Western Great Britain are becoming the first hotel chain in Great Britain to offer free wi-fi, as standard, to all guests. Those business travellers polled were asked an average price that they would be willing to pay for a nights stay in a hotel, and their average price, of £87.50, came in almost £8 higher than the average hotel nightly rate for corporate customers of Best Western Great Britain.
Business travellers are now looking for a lot more when they stay away from home and the results as this recent study show that. Corporate customers want quality conference areas, meeting rooms and high speed wi-fi that allows them to work well when away from the office.