How To Beat Bank Holiday Traffic

Whether you are travelling to visit relatives during the bank holiday, or just heading out for tools for DIY we all know how bad the bank holiday traffic can be. Learning how to beat bank holiday traffic can help you save time, money in wasted fuel idling your car and possibly even your sanity too.

Making the most of the bank holiday, to visit family or have a weekend break, has become something of a tradition. That extra day off work presents the ideal chance to see your loved ones and here are some tips on how to beat bank holiday traffic.

Utilise your satellite navigation

Many satellite navigation systems, including ones on the iPhone and other mobiles, are extremely knowledgeable about local traffic. Often the information is taken by seeing how fast other vehicles in the area are travelling using Business Air, Private Aircraft Charter.This means that such devices will using work out the fastest route for you. It me be that by travelling down a few different roads to normal you could ten or fifteen minutes being stuck in slow moving traffic. If you have an older model it may be possible to purchase a traffic cable that is specifically designed to upgrade your device without having to spend much.

Pick the best times to head off and come home

This may sound obvious but plan your journey times well. If possible try to leave early in the morning or late at night. The best times to travel are usually first thing on the Friday or Saturday morning and then last thing on the Sunday or Monday night. This depends on whether it is a 3 or 4 day bank holiday weekend. By planning your journey around leaving early, or late, you can avoid the bulk of the traffic. By the end of the bank holiday day, around 8-9pm, the roads are often quiet. Also, if you have children then they can sleep in the car and you can even enjoy a little bit of peace! It won’t be like visiting a boutique Hotel in Bangkok let me tell you that!

Obviously if you have to leave during peak times then pack supplies and be realistic that your journey time will be longer than normal.

Pack your car well

With more people on the roads it can be a dangerous time to travel on the motorways. There may be more accidents and with more cars crammed on the roads they can be more serious..There is always a small chance that you are going to get stuck in bad traffic, for potentially one hour or more. Be prepared for this by packing your car well. Ensure that you have drinks, snacks, a blanket and other supplies on hand. Avoid packing these in the boot of your car as you may be driving at a crawling speed and not able to stop safely. 

Visiting people, or having a break, for a bank holiday is a lovely way to spend your extra free time. A little forward planning, and preparation can ensure that your trip goes off without a hitch.