How To Book A Speaker To Really Make Your Business Event Go With A Bang

coffee-break-1177540_640 (2)Booking the right speaker can really make or break your business event. There are several things to consider to ensure that you get one that is going to really work for you; tone of voice, delivery, expertise, presentation, reputation, and so on. Here are some tips on how to book a speaker, to really make your business event go with a bang;

Research Your Business Speaker

Don’t just choose the first name that comes along. Similarly, don’t just select a speaker for your business event because you recognise the name, or have heard that other events have booked them. Research as to what their area of expertise is and think about if it ties in with the types of topics your guests would benefit from. Also, it is always worth checking if they are willing to research topics suggested by you, and incorporate them into the presentation. The business speaker at your event should certainly tie in with your ethos, and not represent something entirely separate, so be sure to choose wisely. Watch videos of them on YouTube, read comments, Google their reputation, and so on, to get an overall view of what they are about.

Don’t Demand Too Much

This might sound contradictory, but don’t demand too much from the speaker at your business event. This is meant in the sense that you don’t demand that your speaker stray too far from their expertise, or ask them to speak about topics that are completely alien to them. Their talent will lie in a natural ability to deliver captivating information, in an easy manner, and this can often be lost when asking them to deviate from what they do best. Get your speaker to play to their strengths, and if you want them to do something that is completely different to what they normally do, perhaps you should select another speaker.

Discuss the Presentation with them in Advance

If you want your business event to go off without any hitches, then it is vital that you discuss all the details before hand. As with any booking, you should discuss their fee, and payment of such in advance so you both know where you stand.  Check in with the speaker on the day before the business event to make sure they are good to attend. Discuss in advance at what time they are to deliver their presentation, as well as the length of it, and if they should ask for questions at the end. In addition to this, technical requirements should be prearranged and pre checked. If the speaker is using slides or Powerpoint for example, ask them what they wish for you to provide. It is always a good idea that they turn up prior to the guests arrival to check the set-up is flawless, or at least you as the event organiser should do this, as technical hitches have been known to cause mayhem. All in all, if you prepare everything in advance and are both clear on what is expected, the business event is likely to go well.