How to Make the Most of ‘Lost Time’ in Business Travel

business travel delaysHere at Coach Direct we are constantly moving people across the UK and Europe and we are known for our reliability and timekeeping. Many of these people maybe going to travel even further, going on to board planes, ferries or trains. Travelling on these forms of transport however can often involve waiting at ports, airports or train stations and it can be frustrating. Whether you are travelling business or pleasure and regardless of where you are going, chances are you are not enjoying your time if delayed.

We live in a society that could best be described as a ‘more, faster, now’ culture where we expect everything to be done speedily, efficiently and exactly according to plan. However, we all know that air, rail and sea travel (business too) doesn’t always go that way, so how do you handle these situations in which your plans are affected? Do you begin to feel frustrated? Lose your temper? Start looking for someone to blame?

There is another way, and it involves reframing our perspective on these things. The fact is, in all facets of life, there will be times when we are inconvenienced so sometimes it is good simply to accept this and make the most of it. The next time you turn up for a business meeting and the person you are meeting is running late, instead of feeling frustrated think about how the time you’ve been given could be a positive and how you could gain from it.

businessmen-1039905_640These unexpected pieces of free time can be useful if approached right. Have you ever thought that you don’t have enough time in your schedule or felt pulled in multiple different directions? These little gifts of time thanks to delays can be ever so useful if approached right. So what can you do with them? You have a myriad of options:

  • If you’re travelling, free time can be used to call ahead and confirm any upcoming reservations. Ease your mind and ensure you are on track with everything.
  • If you’re away from your family, give them a call. Time with your loved ones is precious, even when only at the end of a phone.
  • Read a book, listen to some music or simply chill out for a time. We live our lives at such a frantic pace that we forget the importance of relaxation time. If you’re business meeting is delayed, having time before it to simply relax can be a blessing and you may even find yourself performing better because of it.
  • Sleep. If it is a particularly long delay and you are in a place where it is appropriate to do so, then a quick sleep can be invigorating. The vast majority of us do not get enough sleep so these little slots of time can be useful to catch up on some sleep.

Delays in all forms of life whether it be rail, air, sea travel or in business can be frustrating but heed the wise words of Benjamin Franklin. “Lost time is never found again.” These unexpected gifts of time can be reframed positively and can actually help you get ahead in life and in business.