Maximise Your Fuel Efficiency and be an Eco-Driver

eco driving

Here at Coach Direct, we take the car of the environment very seriously which is one of the reasons we offer our Eco Coach Hire. But it doesn’t just end there. We like to promote eco-driving throughout our company. Reducing the fuel consumption of our vehicles not only reduces our carbon footprint and lessens our impact on the planet, it also saves us money which we can then pass on to our customers. If you’d like to do a bit more eco-driving yourself, then check out our advice below.


car maintenance

The first thing to make sure is that your car (or whatever other type of vehicle you are driving is well maintained. This should include:

  • Servicing: Your car should be serviced regularly by a good quality garage. Doing so will maintain the engine and ensure it is running as efficient as possible.
  • Engine oil: For your engine to run at its optimum efficiency, it’s crucial that you use the right sort of oil for your car. Consult your handbook if you are unsure.
  • Tyres: Did you know that under inflated tyres create a rolling resistance that ensures your car uses more fuel? Make sure that you check your tyre pressures regularly and they are in line with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Before you set off

car tyres

  • Weight: Do you need everything you are taking with you? The lighter your vehicle the less fuel it will use.
  • Wind resistance: If your vehicle has any roof racks or roof boxes fitted that you are not using, take them off as doing so will reduce drag, improving your fuel consumption.
  • Plan your journey/ use a sat nav: Getting lost = doing more miles than you need to. Ensure that you don’t by planning your journey or utilising a satnav.

Whilst driving

car driving

  • Drive smoothly: The smoother you drive, the better your fuel economy will be. Accelerating gently, reading the road ahead and avoiding unnecessary braking will keep your fuel consumption lower.
  • Stopping and starting: Rather than stopping and starting all the time, if in some circumstances you can keep the car rolling (however slow), the better for your fuel economy it will be.
  • Change gears at the right time: Most people leave it far too long to change gear, leading to the engine having to work harder and use more fuel.
  • Turn of the air-con: Love to use the air-con on hot days? You are impacting your fuel economy big time! Try and use it much less often and you’ll find yourself driving much more ecologically friendly.
  • Don’t speed: Steady driving is the key to maximum efficiency so on the motorway for example, driving at 60mp saves 9% more fuel than driving at 70mph.

Follow our top tips and you’ll not just be a more ecologically sound driver, you’ll save yourself a good few pounds too! Learn more here how to also save some money with the help of your car.