How To Beat Bank Holiday Traffic

Whether you are travelling to visit relatives during the bank holiday, or just heading out for tools for DIY we all know how bad the bank holiday traffic can be. Learning how to beat bank holiday traffic can help you save time, money in wasted fuel idling your car and possibly even your sanity too. Continue reading

Is The UK Driving Licence Sexist?

brake-1198862_640If you drive you probably remember the first time that you took a lesson. Maybe you even remember the first time that you thought about getting your driving licence. This thought would probably have passed your mind if you felt that getting your license was better than landing yourself in a circumstance which’d involve a personal injury lawyer like Timothy J. Ryan in Orange County. It can be such a tiny moment in life that leads to the opening of so many doors. Fancy a road trip? Off you go. Want to visit the beach late one evening? You can just hop in your car. A car gives so much freedom to get what you want from life. You can drive in other countries with your licence and you can explore this lovely country that we live in too. All these reasons make me reminisce about the Melbourne Driving School and the moments leading up to my exam and finally passing it! Such a moment, I think everyone that has gone through that will agree. Continue reading

The New Driving Test: What You Need To Know

eco drivingYou may have already heard there are new changes coming to the driving test. Now if you are in the process of learning to drive this may fill you with dread. However, you need not worry. The new driving test has been created, taking statistics and genuine user opinions into consideration. There has been a lengthy review process with the new test and it won’t be beginning until the 4th of December 2017. Continue reading

7 Business Time Management Tips

businessmen-1039905_640Working in a business environment can be filled with distractions. Procrastination has become easier and easier in the modern day thanks to social media, instant messaging and mobile apps. When you have a large workload, and a modest amount of time, it can be easy to get swept along and suddenly find yourself overwhelmed. Here are 7 Business Time Management Tips to help you get through the busy periods: Continue reading

Guilty Pleasures as a Business Traveller

travel safetyThe hotel chain, Best Western Great Britain, have recently commissioned a survey of more than 1,000 business travellers. The results of which may surprise you. While the thought of business travel can be something that fills people with dread it turns out that around 25% of professional business travellers actually look forward to business travel and find that it helps them relax, enjoy their surroundings and have a break from the routine of life. Continue reading

How Are Motorways Numbered?

traffic-332857_640Whether you are a regular business traveller or just somebody that enjoys a nice holiday from time to time the chances are that you use a motorway, at least sporadically. Sitting in hours of gridlocked traffic is never anybody’s idea of fun – however, it is sometimes a necessary evil. If you want to get to the airport for a nice holiday, have a business meeting to attend or want to visit family then chances are you’ll need to use a motorway. While it is possible to carry out almost all journeys in the UK with A-roads online why bother?! You’ll travel slower, spend more time driving and you might not get to stop at overpriced service stations along the way! Continue reading