Small Business Owners: Working Harder But Are Less Stressed

 Are you a small business owner? If you are, chances are you are “happier and more determined” according to new research released this week. The research, which was done for the recent Small Business Saturday indicates that starting a small business generally makes people happier and more determined as well as increasing their confidence. Also if you have a business and want it to be always clean and want to get your storefront prestine, check these pressure washing services.  Continue reading

Why Using a Mobile Phone Whilst Driving is as Bad as Drink Driving

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After a recent increase in dangerous cars and motorcycles accidents caused by using a mobile phone whilst driving, the government is now in the planning stages of developing tougher penalties. A large number of  these accidents caused whilst the driver was using a mobile phone have resulted in deaths of both adults and children, and according to Stuart DUI lawyers, a proportion of society is finally beginning to realise that using a mobile phone whilst driving is as bad as drink driving. Continue reading

5 Moustache Ideas For Movember


Halloween is over and we are now into November, or should we say MOVEMBER. This is the month where men from all over the globe decide to grow a moustache and decide to give their electric razors and hair trimmers rest for a while. Many even go to the extreme and avoid the removal of pubic hair in order to help raise awareness for men’s health, in particular prostate and testicular cancer. A lot of men are suffering from cancer and some of them even need HCA from

Not all Movember moustaches are created equal however, and this is where you can really have some fun; choosing, growing and styling what one appeals to you the most. You may be shaving off your beard, or beginning to grow your facial fuzz from scratch, no matter – we are here to help. Here are our top 5 moustache ideas for Movember: Continue reading

7 Ways to Stave Off Boredom Whilst Travelling On Business

  Travelling on business can be a lonely pursuit, not just the travelling itself, but after training or conferences finish around 5 o’clock often people retreat back to their hotel room for an evening alone. Longer stays might result in rest days, which can leave some people at a loose end. Here, we have come up with a few suggestions – 7 ways to stave off boredom whilst travelling on business: Continue reading

How To Pack For a Business Trip

 When you are packing for a business trip there are many things that you should do differently to when packing for a holiday – mainly, you should travel light. When travelling for business you should keep things simple, ensuring an efficient and hassle free flight or journey, and be super organised being sure to remember everything. Here we deliver a few tips on how to pack for a business trip: Continue reading

10 Business Travel Safety Tips

 Coach travel is statistically the safest way to travel by road. By choosing to travel on a coach, you are statistically far less likely to be involved in any kind of accident or incident. But coach travel is safer in another way too. Unlike trains which can only take you from station to station, coaches on the other hand can take you much nearer to your destination, door to door in many cases.
Continue reading

4 Mistakes That Could Be Killing Your Business

Why do some business fail and why do some succeed? Success and failure are more connected than you may think because as we pursue success, we are also avoiding failure, and when we fail, we are eluding success. The normal advice is for businesses to always focus on the positive but doing this forgets one important thing. It means you’re not making yourself aware of the common pitfalls that businesses fall into, and that could be fatal. So what are these common pitfalls? Continue reading

What You Need to Know About the New Apple iPhone 7

Are you excited about the launch of the new iPhone 7? Will you be investing in the £599+ needed to buy one? Millions across the world will be and they will be delighted to discover a host of new features such as a new upgraded 12MP camera, longer battery life and the ability to be immersed in water for up to half an hour. Great if you’re a bit clumsy around water! What people may not be too happy about is the lack of a headphone jack but Apple have made these sort of changes before and eventually most people learn to love them. Below we take a look at some of the new features of the iPhone 7 in a little bit more depth as well as discussing just how much the iPhone 7 will cost. Continue reading