5 Simple Ways Health and Fitness Can Boost Your Business Performance

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Getting ahead in business is all about staying one step ahead of your competitors. This can be done in lots of ways. Continuing professional development, investment in infrastructure and IT or innovative sales and marketing techniques. But what about you and even your staff? Some simple and straightforward healthy eating and Exercise and could seriously boost your business performance. Continue reading

Have You Ever Heard of Bleisure? It’s a Growing Trend in the Travel Industry


If you haven’t, don’t worry. It something however that you will be hearing more of. Bleisure is the latest phenomenon in business travel and simply stands for combining a business trip with leisure. It’s something we have definitely seen an increase of and if you are a travel planner or provider, it is certainly something that you can benefit from. Continue reading

3 Ways Business Travel Can Boost Your Business Performance

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Thanks to the last few years’ economic issues and increasing austerity, business travel budgets have been scrutinised more and more. Thanks to the rise in communication apps, cutting back on business travel has been an easy decision for some finance directors, as many may not see much of it as necessary. However, sales staff certainly don’t agree. A ‘Trust in Growth’ study conducted by Vanson Bourne, on behalf of Concur, found that business travel is vital to help your company grow, especially in times of austerity. Below we take a look at three of the major issues highlighted. Continue reading

5 of the Best Business Conference Venues in the UK

business conference venue

Whether you are looking for a venue for a small business meeting, sales conference or a large product launch, choosing the right venue is vital. You need to know that your delegates will be treated to the highest standards of service at an establishment that will ensure everything about the day goes to plan and is successful. Here at Coach Direct we work with businesses and event planners all year round to help them with the transport with their events, so we’ve come up 5 of the best business conference venues in the UK. Continue reading

The Benefits of Using Luxury Coach Travel for Your Business Event

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Does your business host events, conferences or other business meetings that involve a large number of people? As well as the event itself, it is crucial that you pay attention to the logistics, namely ensuring that you get the required number of people there. We’re working with more and businesses and event management companies who are embracing coach travel thanks to the positives it can bring to your event’s success. Continue reading

Sit back and relax with executive coach travel…

executive coach

If you have a number of people in your business that need to travel from one location to another at the same time, you may utilise one of a number of options such as letting people use their cars or booking railway tickets. However, more and more companies across the UK are turning to executive coach travel as it has a unique set of benefits for the modern business. Continue reading