What are Worse Driving Habits in the UK?

car drivingWhat are the Worse Driving Habits in the UK?It’s a fact that most people in the UK think that they are good drivers. It’s also a fact that many of these are not and the most often internet search is price of a UK license! Anyone with a driving licence cannot help but be annoyed by the actions of other drivers, but which ones are the habits that annoy you the most? Below we take a look at some of the most annoying habits of UK drivers.

Constantly speeding up and slowing down

Have you ever been driving on the motorway and overtook a car, only to find yourself being overtook by that same car a few minutes later? And then the whole process starts again…

It’s a really common driving habit and one that has a number of outcomes. Firstly, it dramatically increases their fuel consumption, as the smoother you drive and the less you use your brakes the better. Secondly, it is also very, very dangerous as braking heavily at the last minute can lead to accidents. And if you were a victim of a car accident contact the lawyers at Earl & Earl Law Firm. There has also been some research to suggest that such driving habits can cause the gradual build up of traffic too.

Pushing in

Some drivers seem to think they just bully their way through life don’t they? Thankfully most drivers on the roads are courteous and if they see someone waiting to pull out of a junction or move into a different lane, they will slow and let them in if safe to do so. But there is something so annoying about those drivers who try to push their way out into the road or people who simply expect you to let them into a lane.

Changing lanes last minute

Talking of people who simply expect you to let them into a lane, those people who change lanes last minute are a real pain too. Sometimes it’s because the person in question is new to the area and sometimes it is because the driver in question has no respect for other road users whatsoever. Either way, it’s very dangerous and something that is especially dangerous for cyclists who are very vulnerable to such behaviour.

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Not giving way to pedestrians

Did you know that the Highway Code states that cards must give way to pedestrians who have already started to cross the road? So few drivers in the UK respect the rights of pedestrians even though by doing so they are making life safer for everyone. Drivers would often rather save themselves a valuable three seconds of their journey rather than be nice and give way to a pedestrian.

Middle lane drivers

The nation’s worst driving habit? Failing to keep to the left unless overtaking. It’s so common that many of our motorways are now two lane roads which ensures that large volumes of traffic are slowed and the risk of an accident is significantly increased.
What does the Highway Code say about it? It’s very clear. Drivers should “always drive in the left-hand lane when the road ahead is clear. If you are overtaking a number of slower-moving vehicles, you should return to the left-hand lane as soon as you are safely past.”

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