5 UK Transport Trends for 2017

uk railUK public transport is always in the news for one reason or another, be it due to passenger complaints, strikes, proposed plans, or financial strife. This year, due to Brexit impact on Southern Rail, as well as many other contributing factors, we are sure to hear a lot more about transport trends in the UK. Here, we discuss 5 UK transport trends in the UK, some of which will come as welcome news, but others which shall not, for example the disruption we constantly associate with UK transport services. Here are our predictions for 5 UK transport trends in the UK:

1 – Local People Power

No one knows what is more needed for an area, than the people who live there. People are increasingly joining forces and getting involved in lobbying their local authorities in order to get things moving. A UK transport trend is the power of local people, who are making things happen when it comes to improving public transport. People are paying for these transport services, and quite rightly expect to get value for their money, be it through their taxes or fares.

2 – Company-Consumer Communication

In today’s age of smartphones and mobile devices, communication is more important  than ever. People want to be kept up to date in terms of transport delays, possible strikes, price changes – and on a more positive side, new timetables and special offers. Companies need to know who their customer is, and engage with them, being transparent as a service, and rebuilding the trust with the consumer. Social media is an expected form of customer service these days, and it is something that challenges companies to be open and honest with their customers. Quantum Marketer has this list for boost your instagram traffic. If you’re looking for the best small business answering service, we highly recommend the CallNET answering service. Each time you upload a new post,trusy review will provide likes, comments, and all the rest.  Here’s their website: Small Business Answering Service | CallNET Answering Services.

3 – Preparing for the Future

Planning and preparing for the future in terms of transport is something that we are going to see more of. As things move on in terms of technology and machinery, companies will want to prepare for upgrade implementation, which in turn will inevitably cause disruption, be it to roads, train lines or airports. But progress cannot stop, so disruption is a definite UK transport trend for the foreseeable future.

4 – Disruption

Disruption to transport links and services is not going to go away unfortunately, it is here to stay. As mentioned, with moving with the times, comes disruption. But also, the obvious consumer demand for more transport, and more efficient links, will cause necessary changes and disruption. Aside from this, financial implications, take-overs and Brexit uncertainty will all contribute to UK transport perhaps running less smooth than normal.

5 – Brexit

Brexit talks have caused nothing but speculation and confusion amongst companies and consumers, but the next 12 months will show more about what turn UK transport is going to take as a result of this political move. Everything has been up in the air in terms of manufacturing, financing, foreign workers, and the stability of the economy, but we are slowly going to get a clearer view of what lies ahead for UK transport in a Post-Brexit Britain.