Emergency Coach Hire

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Transport

At coach direct apart from regular coach hire services we also deal with emergency coach hire services which falls under the purview of business continuity travel. It is important for every business to plan for contingencies and ensure that they are in place during emergency situation. This will include not only ensuring the safety of your staff but also to make sure that your business keeps functioning even in critical situations.

At coach direct we offer you business continuity & disaster recovery transport solutions to help you and your staff is ready for any eventualities or disasters. Under the transport solution we offer emergency coach hire to help you transport essential staff to a suitable recovery site.

We have also developed a flexible Coach Direct Emergency Response to respond to a variety of major emergencies. This involves the establishment of a functional Emergency Response Team (ERT). Our emergency response team is on standby 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to make sure that we provide continuity to our clients.

During the early stages of the response to a major emergency, a Recovery Working Group (RWG) can be established. The RWG will be responsible for assessing the problems and design the strategy that needs to be formulated for the situation to return to normality quickly. The RWG will normally be chaired by a senior representative from the client and will have representatives of both Coach Direct and the Client, who will supply information and assistance to help in the relocation of staff with the help of emergency coach hire.

Coach Direct can provide services either on retention or "best efforts" on the day. Coach Direct can utilise its extremely responsive SMS service for emergency coach hire. This service instantly requests emergency backup from hundreds of registered transport suppliers during cases of emergency relocation or evacuation.

At Coach Direct we offer transport solutions and emergency coach hire no matter what the situation or circumstance.

Call us on 0843 0843 001 or our out of hours number.

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