Health and Safety

Here at Coach Direct, we understand the importance of health and safety, which is why we adhere to a strict set of guidelines, which are designed to ensure complete peace and mind for you and your party.

These guidelines include the following:

Risk Assessment for the Transport of Children

Where children are concerned, safety is of utmost importance, which is why we ensure that all of our providers have carried out extensive risk assessment to cover every eventuality. Our fleet of modern coaches have all been thoroughly tested and are fitted with state of the art safety equipment. All of the drivers we use have been fully briefed on best practice and safety procedures, which means that you can use our service with complete confidence.

To find out more about our risk assessment for the transport of children, click here.

Crisis Management Plan

Disaster can strike at any time without warning and it is vital that procedures are in place to deal with the possible impact of this. At Coach Direct, we have a comprehensive crisis management plan in place to protect you from every possible eventuality. To find out more, click here.

Crisis Management Process Flow

With a strategic crisis management process flow, we can map out in exact detail how to deal with every type of accident and emergency to ensure your complete safety at all times. Our rapid response team are on hand to ensure that every situation is dealt with as swiftly and as effectively as possible. To see details of this, click here.

Code of Safety Practice

All of our safety procedures are governed by our Code of Safety Practice, an extensive document which outlines our legal and moral obligations to ensure the health, safety and welfare of our customers while travelling with us. To find out more, click here.

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