Coach Hire For School Proms

If you are looking for transport to and from a school prom, here at Coach Direct, we can provide vehicles of all shapes and sizes to get your kids there safely and in style.

School proms are becoming more and more glamorous, which means that a lift in the back of Dad's car doesn't quite cut it any more. For those who want to make a real entrance, we have a selection of luxury vehicles to choose from, so you can give your kids the VIP treatment at a cost that won't break the bank.

Safety guaranteed

When transporting children and young adults, safety is always the number one priority. This is why we have carried out comprehensive risk assessment to ensure that we are fully equipped to deal with any situations which may arise. All of the coaches we use have been tested and fitted with the very latest safety equipment and all of our drivers are fully trained in first aid and best practice . Combined, this ensures complete peace of mind for all of our customers.

Additional services

Here at Coach Direct, we not only provide transport, we also offer a range of additional services, which can help to make your event extra special. These include everything from catering to accommodation, which can be arranged at your request.

The best price, guaranteed

By using a nationwide network of transport providers, we can search out the very best deal for you, saving you both the time and the hassle of having to shop around. Simply fill in an online enquiry form, or call our friendly team on 0843 0843 001.

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